"The multi-talented Jennifer Farrell has worked as a TV host for Most Amazing Homes, Behind the Gates, Find Me a Beach House, Find Me a Vacation Home and Million Dollar House Hunters under my Executive Producer leadership. She has a natural talent for connecting with audiences and has a unique ability to make guests feel comfortable and at ease during interviews. Jennifer consistently delivers high-quality performances and brings energy and enthusiasm to every show. She has also demonstrated a strong work ethic, always arriving on time and prepared to do the job at hand. Furthermore, Jennifer has excellent communication skills, both on and off camera, and has built strong relationships with the show's staff and crew. She is a team player and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of the show. I highly recommend Jennifer Farrell for any future hosting opportunities. She is a talented, hardworking, and dedicated individual who has been an asset to our shows."
Gary Takle, Emmy-Winning Producer and CEO at Abode Entertainment
"With the recent unveiling of her Surfaces Showhome at Calibu Vineyard, celebrity designer and noted TV personality Jennifer Farrell showcases the visionary talent that she's been sharing with her design savvy clientele for more than 20 years."
Luxe Interiors + Design
"Jennifer is a highly talented designer with an eye for detail, creativity, and style. Her passion for design is truly inspiring, and it shows in every project she takes on. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her, and I have always been impressed with her professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional results. On top of that, Jennifer's expertise in interior design, architecture, and product design makes her a well-rounded and versatile designer. She has a keen understanding of the latest design trends and techniques, and she always brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Beyond her exceptional design skills, Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She is warm, friendly, positive, and always willing to go the extra mile. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her a true professional in every sense of the word. Overall, I cannot recommend Jennifer Farrell highly enough. Her work speaks for itself, and her passion for design is truly contagious."
Alvaro Nunez Alfaro, Bestselling Author and Founder/CEO at Super Luxury Group
"Running a firm that focuses on luxury real estate, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best people and brands in the industry. I can easily say that Jennifer is one of the most talented interior designers and industry thought leaders I've ever met. I have been fortunate to work with her across real estate, design, events and media, and she continues to innovate and elevate across all platforms."
Kofi Nartey, Founder at GLOBL Real Estate + Development
“When I first met Jennifer at the Total Solutions Conference I was struck by her presence and obvious stature in the industry. Once I heard her speak, I knew she was the real deal and had a great understanding of design, space, and color. After her talk I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer and our conversation turned to the luxury market experience and our visions for it. It was quickly apparent that there was something special about her. Jennifer shared her concept for livable luxury with me and invited me out to see her work at Calibu Vineyard which I gladly accepted. Impressive does not begin to describe it. Clean lines, subtlety with a message, approachable comfort, and elegant utility were clearly evident throughout the project. I was so impressed that I asked her to partner with us and design an exclusive line of tile under her brand. In our work together Jennifer has shown herself to be organized, highly strategic, reliable, energetic, passionate, and extremely communicative in all that she does. I could not ask for a better partner and am excited to see what she does next.”
Matthew Saltzman, Former CEO at Louisville Tile
"We have had the pleasure to partner with Jennifer on a variety of brand initiatives; integrating our lighting into her showcase design homes, to becoming one of our ambassadors, to talking about our products on television. Jennifer is extremely professional, polished, detail oriented and easy to work with!"
Scott Rosenbloom, Senior Marketing Director at Lamps Plus
"Having worked with Jennifer Farrell on her magnificent Calibu Vineyard project as a sponsoring brand, her incredible talent is matched only by her professionalism and poise. Throughout the process, from pitch to party to promoting, she was nimble, confident, decisive, gracious, communicative, and a pleasure to work with."
Alyssa Abrams, Marketing Director US at Eichholtz
"Who are the design stars, showrooms and services worth noting? Who's making a splash with their daring designs? Dramatic design meets livable luxury at Calibu Vineyard, designed by Jennifer Farrell."
Modern Luxury Interiors California
Best of Design Edition
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